KDE 3.5.6 released w Kubuntu packages

Michael W. Holdeman lists at ptfd.org
Mon Jan 29 15:15:51 GMT 2007

On Monday 29 January 2007 04:26:29 am Donn wrote:
> > Donn <donn.ingle at gmail.com> writes:
> > > I reckon this upgrade treadmill should not be hidden from new users. I
> > > don't find any clear public explanation about this unusual fact of
> > > life on the Ubuntu site, nor anywhere else really.
> >
> > In the About Ubuntu section of http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu, on the
> > first line:
> > "Ubuntu is a free, open source Linux-based operating system that starts
> > with the breadth of Debian and adds regular releases (every six months)"
> > How much clearer can they make it?
> John,
> I have learnt a lot more about Gnu/Linux in the last 4 days than I have in
> the last 4 years, and I am clear on why the latest apps won't run on "old"
> distros -- not crystal clear, but I have the big picture.
> Still, I must comment on your reply above. If you spoke that quote aloud to
> a Windows user they would look at you as if you had just spoke Klingon.
> Linux? Debian? Breadth of Debian? The regular releases part would not
> clarify an already wildly confused start.
> What I am saying is that users use apps not Windows, not Gnu/Linux, not Mac
> O/S etc. They use the apps they need and they like to keep using the latest
> version of those apps. The "upgrade treadmill" I refer to is not made clear
> by that quote at all. I am sorry, but normal people don't come to some
> mystical understanding about the realities of Gnu\Linux by reading
> something like that -- it is not clear at all.
> Something like this should be said, to maintain integrity:
> "Ubuntu is a free, open source operating system. It makes many applications
> available at no cost during each of its 6 monthly releases. New versions of
> applications like Firefox, Thunderbird and Open Office to name but a few
> will be available at each upgrade. You should be aware that should you wish
> to upgrade to a new version of a particular application, you may have to
> upgrade to the latest release of Ubuntu; for technical reasons many new
> applications cannot be run from older releases of Ubuntu."
> Now I ain't no copywriter and that can be made shorter, but the elemental
> confession about the "lifetime" of applications on Ubuntu ought to be
> spelled-out because it's vital information.
> If Ubuntu is going to aim at the Windows user then they can't gloss-over
> the one thing that a Windows user is going to expect; applications of any
> version can run on any Windows of any version.
At the risk of being anti win (I am ) let me say that is not true, I cant run 
several apps with my win2000 pro machine, I cant run many apps developed for 
vista on XP, and I certianly run VIsta on the same machine I am running XP 
on. True these are generalities but you get the picture. At least with edgy I 
can find either the repositories or .deb's or use alien and install OOo 2.1, 
kde-3.5.6 and even smb4k-0.8 to keep from destroying my sudopers file.

I am not sure it is totally optimal as I came from Gentoo a few months ago, 
but I am learning to use kubuntu and find it working well for me, stable 
relatively up to date and a lot less work to keep it that way.


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