KDE 3.5.6 released w Kubuntu packages

Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 18:25:20 GMT 2007

> > "Ubuntu is a free, open source operating system. It makes many
> > applications available at no cost during each of its 6 monthly releases.
> > New versions of applications like Firefox, Thunderbird and Open Office to
> > name but a few will be available at each upgrade. You should be aware
> > that should you wish to upgrade to a new version of a particular
> > application, you may have to upgrade to the latest release of Ubuntu; for
> > technical reasons many new applications cannot be run from older releases
> > of Ubuntu."
> That's just plain untrue.  You can take the plunge and install any of those
> apps at any time you wish.  Or you can wait for Ubuntu to package them
> painlessly.
I'm more than willing to be shown to be wrong but I am not willfully lying. 

I have had personal experience of having to move-up to a new version of a 
distro before I could install the latest version of software. In my case I 
was on Fedora 3 and I could not get the latest Inkscape (0.44 I think) to 
work. I had similar trouble with wxPython. (I had to move to Fedora 4. I 
chose Kubuntu Dapper instead, hoping it would be better at things than 

More to the point, Firefox 2 is out. Looking at the apt-get update in Dapper, 
you would not say so. That's my whole point. Please see if you can read the 
whole thread, perhaps you missed some bits.


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