Kubuntu useless for ripping CDs

Vayu vayu at sklinks.com
Mon Jan 29 03:23:48 GMT 2007

Maybe you don't have DMA enabled for your drive?

sudo hdparm /dev/hdb

Replace hdb for whatever your CD drive is. What does it say about dma?

tudza wrote:
> Well, grip was a good suggestion.
> For the particular CDs in question, it is getting past the first several 
> tracks that were completely stopping KAudioCreator and an alternative 
> Java application.
> I'm not sure if it is the cd paranoia stuff or not.  The Java ripper I 
> tried has this as an option and I had it selected.
> Grip is still working much slower than the freeware ripper I use on 
> Windows.  I don't think it is a complete solution to the problem

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