problems w/ kontact

Donn donn.ingle at
Thu Jan 25 16:49:34 GMT 2007

> So whenever I restart my computer, korgc starts running and my system will
> lock while it process, the hard drive light is constantly on, and things
> are super slow until I kill the processes of korgc or korgc crashes.  Once
> korgc crashes I am unable to launch programs and receive an error saying
> DCOP can't find klauncher.
> Any ideas on what  I can do to solve this problem?
Sorry, been having computer issues of me own.
I really have no magic bullet for you. It seems the problem has been 
narrowed-down to korgc as well as that error:
>libkcal: ERROR: Can't read uid map file
I would go into ~/.kde/share/apps/kcal/uidmaps and look around. What are the 
file permissions? Who are the owners? etc. Perhaps a little judicious 
deleting will solve the problem.
Sorry that I can't be of more specific help. Perhaps others can give you more 
of a clue.


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