problems w/ kontact

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at
Thu Jan 25 16:18:49 GMT 2007

>> To be honest I have now idea what is messed up, but as soon as I open up
>> Kontact my disk activity sparks and I can't do anything until I kill the
>> process for kontact.
> Um .... You can try a few things, all from a konsole:
> 1. Run 'kontact' and watch for error messages. Ctrl-C will break.
> 2. Run the component elements of kontact like 'kmail', 'akregator' from
> the
> konsole too, also watching for errors.
> 3. Run kontact (from an icon) and then run 'top' on the konsole and watch
> what
> processes are chewing-up your CPU.
> The idea is to see what's happening when it goes into its crunch.
> Perhaps that will help. You can post any errors here and I'll try again.
> /d
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So whenever I restart my computer, korgc starts running and my system will
lock while it process, the hard drive light is constantly on, and things
are super slow until I kill the processes of korgc or korgc crashes.  Once
korgc crashes I am unable to launch programs and receive an error saying
DCOP can't find klauncher.
Any ideas on what  I can do to solve this problem?

Jonathan Jesse

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