"Key switches keyboard layout while pressed" -- how?

H.J.Bathoorn triade-lists at zeelandnet.nl
Thu Jan 25 16:01:56 GMT 2007

On Thu, 25 Jan 2007 12:55:43 +0100
Urtzi wrote:

> On Thursday 25 January 2007 12:34, H.J.Bathoorn wrote:
> > You need to look at "kcontrol, "regional&accessibility", "keyboard
> > shortcuts" right at the bottom, the last entry. The default combination is
> > Alt+Ctrl+k but you can change to whatever you want.
> 	That's what I'm doing now; the problem is that in order to use a nonstandard 
> character, I have to a) Press the key combo to switch layouts; b) Type the 
> character; c) Press the keys to switch back. I find it quite bothersome. The 
> other option is to leave the layout as is, but that's also bothersome because 
> the Slovene keyboard is QWERTZ whereas the Spanish one is QWERTY, and I often 
> mis-type Zs and Ys.
> 	What I'd like is a way to have the Slovene keymap on by default, and when I 
> want to type, say a Ñ (whose key in a Slovene keyboard is Č), press Meta + Č 
> and get a Ñ (Meta being whatever special key I choose, preferently Right 
> CTRL). That is, that Meta switches layouts *only for the key you press it 
> with*.
> 	In GNOME this is completely straightforward and works perfectly, but not in 
> KDE, and I don't know why. The checkboxes are there; they just don't work.
> 	- Urtzi -

Ah, that's a whole different bundle of monkeys but ...... would indeed be "xmodmap".

I tend to get all the characters I want using a US-intl lay out. If it's only the z and the y key why not re-map only those two?..or literally exchange them physically on the keyboard.

I've got a qwertz (german) layout on one of my laptops and it's not really the z and y that's bothersome but the special characters like / | @ # that I've got to find. 


Good luck,

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