problems w/ kontact

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at
Tue Jan 23 16:08:42 GMT 2007

>> >> I've severely messed up Kontact and need to delete all of my
>> >> configurations, is there a way to "reset" it back to the default w/o
>> any
>> >> accounts/calendars/etc in it so I can start "fresh"?
>> thanks there is a /home/jjesse/.kde/share/apps/korganizer and
>> ./kde/share/apps/kmail but not a kontact, can i delete both of those
>> files
> Okay, I see that 'Kontact' is really just a wrapper around a bunch of
> other k
> apps. I use kmail and akregator as separate apps because I want them on
> different desktops.
> What did you "mess up" in kontact? It's not really a mess-up-able thing :)
> Perhaps you stuffed one of the sub-apps. Either way, the config files live
> in
> ~/.kde/share/apps/XXXX where the Xs are the app name. The files INSIDE
> those
> folders (like korganizerui.rc for e.g.) are the thing you can play with to
> see what changes in the app.
> /d
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To be honest I have now idea what is messed up, but as soon as I open up
Kontact my disk activity sparks and I can't do anything until I kill the
process for kontact.

Jonathan Jesse

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