Typing oddball characters in kubuntu

Lantiero Zenesi lanzenesi at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 10:31:39 GMT 2007

Alle 17:08, lunedì 22 gennaio 2007, Simone ha scritto:

> Donn ha scritto:
> >> http://www.3till7.net/2005/12/28/non-english-characters-in-linux/
> >
> > grazie infinite Simone ! !
> > ú ü ® è é á etc -- so cool.
> E' stato un piacere!

Are doing this via an english keyboard? And, is it possible to assign a 
different key instead of Alt_R, say... win key?

One more thing, as I noticed you share my native language, ;-) I use to type 
certain letters and symbols by a Ctrl+Alt combination, such as @ or €, but on 
linux I can only access these by means of a Alt_R.

Is there a way to obtain this. I've googled, but to no avail.



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