Typing oddball characters in kubuntu

anthony baldwin anthonybaldwin at optonline.net
Mon Jan 22 17:28:36 GMT 2007

Donn wrote:

>>It´s a lot easier with US-Intl keyboard:
>>ô é à ç ü ¿¡  ñ
>Wow, are all those right on the keyboard? I have never even seen a keyboard 
>for sale here like that!
Opa...I use a regular, cheapo keyboard I bought for $5.
This is a keyboard setting you can modify in System Settings or KControl.
Under keyboard layouts, choose US-Intl (you may have to ¨add¨ it first, 
I don´t remember).

Once that´s done, you will have to type ¨ ~ ^ ` and ´ twice to get them 
but ¨+u = ü (works with other letters)
´+e=é or ´+a=á (alt+e also works, same for á, too)
(actually, you type the mark FIRST and then the letter, and the letter 
appears with the mark, which
is why you must type the mark twice if you only want the mark).
alt+m = µ
(with alt+ whatever, you press them simultaneously).

I use all of those, except µ, since, as a translator, I often type en 
português, and español.  This way, I have easy access to all of the 
marks I need,
without switching keyboard layouts.

Good luck.


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