Shutdown ===> Reboot ??

Martin Meredith mez at
Fri Jan 19 05:51:36 GMT 2007

I've actually noticed this - it was when I had a certain wireless
network card plugged in

Since I'm now back on wired... it's working again as it should do

Have you installed any new hardware	

On Fri, 2007-01-19 at 12:27 +1100, Irena and Richard Jenkins wrote:
> I am running Kubuntu 6.06 (updated) on my x86 desktop.  Just a short
> while ago (before Xmas) the shutdown behaviour changed.  When shutdown
> is now engaged, it goes through to completion ... waits a couple of
> seconds ... and then begins to reboot.   I have to press and hold the
> power button on the case for the shutdown to take effect.  Is this a
> phenomenon that other people have noticed??
> Richard
> Irena and Richard Jenkins
> Canberra, Australia
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