Firefox 2 on Dapper

Olivier Picquenot oli at
Tue Jan 16 16:11:04 GMT 2007

Donn a écrit :
> What is it about Linux that makes it so fragile about the "generation" of 
> software it can/cannot run? What am I not getting?

The whole point of running a *stable* distribution, like Ubuntu Dapper, 
is that it includes a fixed set of applications.
These programs are supported by ubuntu, they receive security fixes 
(that are often backported from more recent releases), but they do not 
change during the lifetime of the distro.
That way you know that if your computer works fine today, it'll most 
probably work fine tomorrow, even if firefox has been security updated 
10 times.

If you want the latest and greatest software, if you want to always be 
up to date, I suggest you switch to an unstable distro. Or install the 
software you need manually (from 3rd party repositories, or by 
downloading the .tgz on

Olivier Picquenot

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