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Mon Jan 15 11:22:30 GMT 2007

Harijs Buss wrote:
> On Sunday 14 January 2007 23:03, bryann rakstija:
>> FWIW OS/2 is the ONLY way to fix some of these disks and even MAKE
>> copies of the original W95 installation disks (except for disk1)
> Probably that can be done from Linux as well. Maybe some Guru will give us 
> idea how to do full Format and full Track-to-Track copy and verify of old 
> good floppies? Even in case of strange formats like 1.8 Mb on standard 1.44 
> Mb diskette?  Just in case :)   

Once a utility called HDCopy existed, I don't know about its current
status but back then it was a simple DOS executable, cardware license,
and could do lots of strange things like disk copy and disk formatting
with 21 sectors x 84 tracks - the disks only worked on some floppy
drives, but you could copy w95 disks and have some extra slack space on
them :-D

Oh look, wikipedia has something about it

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