Mike DePolis mike at
Sun Jan 14 07:06:16 GMT 2007

Yup, got one for you.  Follow these steps carefully and your problem 
will be solved.

1)  Gently open computer case.  Be sure to save all screws / plastic 
2)  Disconnect power from floppy drive.
3)  Disconnect ribbon cable from floppy drive.
4)  unscrew, and remove floppy drive from case.
5)  Put floppy drive 10 yards down range from current position.
6)  Cock hammer, aim, pull trigger, make .44 go boom and dispatch floppy 
drive from further existence. 

Sorry, not trying to be a smart arse here, but floppies?  Really?

Harold Hartley wrote:
> I installed mtoolsfm and used it to copy 3 files to floppies.
> Since then, I have not been able to copy any dos files to floppy. I just 
> keep getting an "input/output error" when I try to copy a file to floppy.
> The disk is good, the drive is good but not able to get it to work right.
> Does anyone have a solution to this problem.
> Harold

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