OOo 2.0 removal [dapper]

Luka Renko lure at
Sat Jan 13 12:04:20 GMT 2007

On Saturday 13. January 2007 09:03, Donn wrote:
> > I gave it a shot and aborted.  In addition to openoffice-*
> >
> > The following packages will be REMOVED:
> >   aspell aspell-en dictionaries-common gnome-spell kubuntu-desktop
> >   mozilla-thunderbird myspell-en-gb myspell-en-us
> This part of Kubuntu bugs me too. It really leaves you in no doubt that
> *you* are not the master if your situation. I have learned to just shrug
> and ignore the software that I don't want but CANNOT remove.
> My example is Amarok. I was worried about removing "kubuntu-desktop"
> because I don't know what that would do. I also didn't know how that would
> affect an upgrade of Dapper at a later stage.

kubuntu-desktop is so-called "meta" package. It means it does not install any 
files, but has the only purpose to depend/recommend other packages. This way 
Kubuntu developers decide what you shall get installed in the default install 
(and on Desktop CD). It is completely safe to remove kubuntu-desktop, the 
only side effect is that when you will upgrade between versions (Edgy -> 
Feisty), you will not automatically get all default applications that may 
have been added for Feisty. So after upgrade to Feisty, you may want to 
consider installing "kubuntu-desktop" package again to see what new updated 
it may bring to you.

In Feisty some packages that kubuntu-desktop brings by default have moved from 
Depends to Recommend state: they will still be installed by default, but the 
Recommended you will be able to uninstall without removal of kubuntu-desktop.
Examples are knetworkmanager and kde-guidance-powermanager as some desktop 
users do not need networkmanager and laptop power management applet and may 
want to remove it.

Question to Jonathan: should we make openoffice package Recommend - some users 
would probably replace it with Koffice and would remove OOo.


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