nvidia settings

Edmund Laugasson ed.lau at mail.ee
Tue Jan 9 23:32:51 GMT 2007

As far as I remember, I never wrote any configuration as user. I edited 
as root the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf and wrote driver "nvidia" instead of 
old "nv" and also generated some modelines using web-based generators. 
Restarted X and everything worked fine.

I never used nvidia-settings utility. There is necessary change driver 
name and that's it!

Certainly if you need, you may want to use some other parameters. They 
can be read from nVidia documents:

Config options:

E.g. I like to use some more parameters e.g. to hide boot logo, etc.

But check also your driver version - there might be differences with 
earlier versions.

> I've a problem with my Nvidia Ge-force. Every time I reboot my system 
> the settings of my graphic card reset and I have to relaunch the 
> nvidia-settings. The results of a shel is the follow:
> ERROR: Error parsing configuration file 
> '/home/daniele/.nvidia-settings-rc' on
>       line 33: 'casa:0.0/RedBrightness=0.000000' (Trailing garbage).

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