Edgy/MySQL hell

Daniel Axtell dan_axtell at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 9 20:05:58 GMT 2007

>  I've never had this much difficulty running MySQL on many different Linux
>  distributions, so I'm concluding Edgy just isn't fit for work.  Does
>  anyone know of any workarounds?

How do you expect help with that kind of attitude?
Oh, I didn't realize that spending hours struggling to get the most popular open source database working on a stock installation was supposed to make me prefer Kubuntu to every other distribution I've tried or used over the years (Mandrake, Cent OS, Red Hat) which have never had this problem.  How silly of me, guess I forgot to drink the Koolaid.
 The Edgy desktop looks and runs great.  Not being able to use my machine for work kind of undercuts the thrill.
 Let's see what OpenSUSE can do.

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