kubuntu edgy-eft (6.10) Network Prb

B.K.Ashley Hoolash rasputin1575 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 15:05:38 GMT 2007

Hello peeps,
Am struggling to have a decent internet connection.
I have a laptop with windows xp which uses MYT and the livebox rooter. my
connection works fine there.
I have another laptop with linux (Kubuntu 6.10).
The prb that i have is my internet conn. works for a while and then i lose
it. On a lucky day it might work for an hr or so, but otherwise, its a pain
in the neck.
I dont use a network hub, its just the old-fashion way: a cable which i
disconnect from the windows laptop and connect it to the kubuntu's one.
Could u pls share the file /etc/network/interfaces with me so that i have a
look on how you configured this thing.
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