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Sat Jan 6 12:34:02 GMT 2007

Free? nope.
Need my credit card.

Lokeey wrote:
> oh yeah...i forgot to mention that you can read these books on that 
> other OS and in Linux. if you download chm books, you will need to 
> install xchm to read them which you can find on adept pkg mngr.
> On 1/5/07, *Lokeey* <lokeey at <mailto:lokeey at>> wrote:
>     hey all, i don't normally send these types of emails out, but i
>     didn't want to thread jack the "new users" posting. here's a site
>     that has loads of FREE ebooks that you can download. you'll have to
>     register with an email address and they will send you your passwd.
>     so for you new users out there, they have loads of ebooks that
>     normally cost anywhere from $30 - $60 for Free that will help you in
>     your quest to learn more about linux and the likes of scripting and
>     all other good things linux. i've been using linux since the red hat
>     5.x days and i can say i'm still not a guru. i wish i was. i can get
>     around very well and i understand lots of things, but after a while
>     i have to dig for info, howto's, and read up on books to get my
>     answer. so i hope this helps....ENJOY!
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> "I am what I am because of who we all are"

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