selecting GRUB option for next reboot

Derek Broughton news at
Fri Jan 5 13:51:51 GMT 2007

Tez wrote:

> I'm not sure exactly, the option for the next boot is stored in a file
> (/boot/grub/default), that's how grub knows what to choose.
> You can add the line "savedefault" to the end of the menu entry in
> menu.lst to make that option the default on next boot.
> Or, you can also use the command 'grub-set-default' to set the default
> for the next reboot.

Beats the heck out of me why grub-reboot goes through such convolutions.  It
invokes grub to actually rebuild the boot sector, when grub-set-default
will simply change which option is chosen automatically.

grub-reboot will _force_ that option to be chosen (no timeout) but
grub-set-default is much simpler.  After all, the only reason I'd usually
use it is because I have a bad tendency to forget to choose a new option
when the system restarts.

A little gui that would read menu.lst, give you the text names of all the
menu options and let you select one, would be nice.

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