How to properly install RealPlayer for Linux

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Wed Jan 3 06:39:37 GMT 2007

"john d. herron" <paradox.herron at> writes:

> When I tried to install the version of Realplayer (v 8.0.11) proposed
> by Adept, the response I got from Adept manager in the 'Requested'
> column was a "BREAK (install)" in red color, with an ensuing message
> to the effect that the object in the repository is broken.  I then
> turned to the website, where I found two Linux options
> available: RealPlayer10GOLD.bin or RealPlayer10GOLD.rpm.  My Firefox
> browser is set up to routinely download files onto the desktop (is
> that the best choice?), but I'm so dumb I don't know 1) which of the
> two suggested options would be better nor 2) how to install that
> better option so it will land in the proper place (folder ...) to
> operate properly.  

The best answer, which isn't very intuitive, is that you shouldn't
install either.  There are a number of free alternatives that are
capable of playing most real content -- and all of it, using their
binary CODECs.

You should look to installing the w32codecs package as described in the
Ubuntu wiki under "RestrictedFormats"[1].

Then use the 'kmplayer' plugin, or just the ordinary playback tools like
Amarok, to play the content using the xine engine.

Finally, mplayer also supports using the w32codecs to play back real

That way you don't suffer the indignity of discovering that even if
installed the RealPlayer Linux version is, well, not very impressive.
Practically, in most cases, unusably so.



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