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Daniel Pittman daniel at
Tue Jan 2 12:44:32 GMT 2007

"Ali Milis" <almilis at> writes:

> 1. USB storage problem
> I have already fixed my USB stick twice by using M$
> disk tools, reclaiming hundreds(!) of megabytes
> diskspace! (See also bug 61946
> )

You should also be able to fix the file system damage under Ubuntu with
the command:

    sudo umount /media/my-usb-stick
    sudo fsck.vfat /dev/disk/by-label/my-usb-stick

See the manual page for fsck.vfat(8) for details, since some of the
options are doubtless relevant to you.

> 2. K3b does not like "Nero" (?)
> Can not do multi-sessions with k3b, if the previous session was burned
> with Nero. Solution: back to M$ Nero (this is bug #1 :).

You might try alternative burning software -- cdrecord or cdrdao,
depending on which you were using.  This could be a fault with one of

Alternately report this, since it should (theoretically) be possible to
do this, as I understand things.

> 3. Can not install Grub on previous Grub installation
> We have to clean the previous grub first before we can
> do a clean installation.

Strange -- you should report this as well.  It worked for me(tm) when I
upgraded this laptop, and should just work, so definitely a bug.

Don't forget to include the error messages, including the fault code
GRUB reported after the failed install.

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