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Wed Feb 28 13:42:50 UTC 2007

I suspect that this may be an issue with your specific sound set up.  I've 
heard that people who have hardware mixers do things differently than the 
normal ALSA+artsd, but for folks like me who don't have the high-end sound 
cards the ALSA+artsd setup works every time (except with the ATIIXP drivers 
that lock up a lot, but that's another story and feisty seems to have fixed 

I think this problem will prove to be much more complicated than just 
disabling artsd by default.

On Wednesday 28 February 2007 04:48:36 Paul Dufresne wrote:
> I switch from ubuntu to kubuntu a while ago.
> I had the feeling that feisty was quite horrible
> because amarok normally would not work and kaffeine
> was almost not working, and never had sound.
> So was becoming to understand how dcop allows unique
> applications by, when trying to run a new instance of
> amarok, using dcop to know if an old amarok instance
> was there. And how killall amarokapp, was helping
> amarok to start a new instance.
> Until I realized that going through System Settings/
> Sound System, and unmarking 'Enable the sound system',
> was magical. Rather than making sound to disappear, amarok
> have become to work and make sound! Movies under kaffeine,
> that had never sound before, have become to have some.
> Not only that, but playlist under kaffeine have become to
> work too! Before, it was stoping between each movie of
> the playlist.
> I then began to realize what was going on. Old applications
> like amarok and kaffeine try to use ALSA libraries to get
> exclusive use of the sound card.
> KDE3, expect every applications whishing to make sound, to
> call artsd daemon to make sound. artsd is using ALSA, making
> exclusive use of the sound card too. So alerts, beep and newer
> sound applications all play fine and simultaneously when artsd
> is there. But old applications like kaffeine and amarok that
> seems not to know the new trick to call artsd daemon to make
> sound, are unable to initialize sound normally when artsd is
> running.
> But normally, KDE3 have a trick for making everybody happy.
> When artsd have not been using the soundcard (through ALSA)
> for 1 minute, it then release control of the soundcard
> (I guess, by closing ALSA). That way, if no beep or alert
> have happened in the last minute, then launching amarok or
> a movie with sound with kaffeine will work fine.
> But, as a bad user not knowing what he was doing, I had disable
> this feature of artsd to close ALSA after 1 minute idle.
> I first thought that running artdsp amarok or artdsp kaffeine
> would make the problem disappear. But I believe amarok and kaffeine
> call themselves other backend, and the effect of running through
> artdsp disappear.
> My opinion is that disabling artsd by default for feisty would avoid
> much more problems, than losing the warm feedback sounds and alerts
> of KDE3.
> For KDE4, we will have Phonon that should help a lot to fix that for us:
> Well, I am just a user becoming to understand things a bit. Maybe there
> is something important I am missing, and if so, I expect you guys to
> tell me.
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