Grub error 17

Mike mlnx at
Tue Feb 27 22:05:42 UTC 2007

Ouattara Oumar Aziz wrote:
> Mike a écrit :
>> I have a dual boot using grub. The system has sda for XP, sdb for Linux 
>> (sdb4 common Fat32 partition). Both drives are internal SATA.  I also 
>> have a (usb) scsi external drive. If it is 'on' when grub loads, I get 
>> error 17.  I also get an error 17 if a usb memory stick is connected.  
>> If no usb external drives are connect/on, grub works normally. Any ideas?
>> Mike
> when you put and usb disk on the boot, since all of your disks are SATA 
> , the mapping changes and I guess the usb disk becomes sda and internals 
> move to sdb and sdc .

It seems like grub is screwed up.  My boot order was CD then internal 
windows disk.  I even changed it so that the internal windows disk is 
first in boot order, same error 17.  I don't think it would reconfigure 
the numbering of sdx drives.  Even if it did, it should  still look at 
the bios and use the internal windows disk?  The usb external doesn't 
show up in bios, even if it is on.  Maybe it is just this stupid Dell 
XPS 410, I have never had so much trouble with other systems.


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