Multimedia plug-ins?

Wulfy wulfmann at
Tue Feb 27 03:00:15 UTC 2007

I'm running an AMD64 in 64-bit mode Kubuntu Edgy.  So far I'm (mostly) 
loving it!  :@)

I know I can't install the w32codecs package as it's 32-bit.  Ffplay 
handles .wmv files fine.  Is there any way to get it in a plug-in so I 
can play the .wmv files in Firefox?  Some sites make it difficult or 
impossible to download a file for viewing in an external application and 
it's more convenient to see it in the page anyway.

I'm in a similar situation with flash movies.  I have gnash installed 
yet, for example, YouTube movies won't play.

Same thing with audio.  "Required plug-in not installed" - RealPlayer?  
Windows Media Player?

Why is it so difficult to produce 64-bit multimedia plug-ins?  I would 
have thought the rest of the OS would be harder, yet only MM plug-ins 
(and the Sun Java plug-in) are a problem.  What am I missing?

Take program that works in 32-bit mode. ==> Compile using 64-bit 
compiler. ==> Program that runs in 64-bit mode.  (Perhaps not as 
efficiently as one tweaked for 64-bit mode, but it should run, yes?)

I know the standard answer is "install a 32-bit chroot and run the 
programs there", but if I'm going to do that, why not just install the 
whole OS as 32-bit?  <sigh>

Having just got broadband, I was looking forward to not having to wait 
to see videos or to hear audio (YouTube and BBC Radio were top of my 
list of wanna watch/listen).



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