Installing Kubuntu on an XP machine

Arthur Dyck arthur at
Mon Feb 26 16:26:39 GMT 2007

I guess my second question still stands:  Could not some of this information 
be included on the Kubuntu or wiki websites?  Is there anyone on this list 
that can answer that?


On Saturday 24 February 2007 22:41, D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> On Saturday 24 February 2007 10:16 pm, Arthur Dyck wrote:
> > program like GParted to create my disk partitions; others say that the
> > Kubuntu install disk will do that itself.  Which is correct?
> The Kubuntu install will let you use QTParted if you have some custom
> partitioning issue not handled by the defaults.  I think the click the
> button and go first choice is a default that will shrink Windows and
> install Kubuntu on one partition on whatever % of the disk you want.  But I
> haven't fooled with it in a bit, and maybe I partitioned by hand.
> I did install Kubuntu on an XP box without incident, but I can't remember
> exactly what I did, and I know a lot about disk partitioning, and exactly
> what I want to do, which makes things inconsequential to me which might be
> mind boggling to a newbie.

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