[Kubuntu] About Kde Integration

Scott Abbey scott at wangfu.org
Sun Feb 25 18:04:13 UTC 2007

On Sunday 25 February 2007 11:32:44 Ouattara Oumar Aziz wrote:
> In fact I don't really mind that menus and submenus stuff. the very
> problem I have is :
> - configuration tools are mixed with desktop software for common use
> - and those bunch of brackets that make the menu heavy.

While it doesn't solve the "cluttered by default" complaint, it is fairly easy 
to turn off the application name or description (whichever you prefer). Just 
right click on the panel and click "Configure Panel". Click on "Menus" and in 
the top left of that dialog is a configuration option for whether to display 
app names, description, or both.

> My feeling is there is more work on Gnome in Ubuntu that on KDE in
> Kunbuntu.

I can't dispute this. I know the Kubuntu devs are a hard working and devoted 
bunch; but, from what I can see, they just don't get the resources and 
direction of the core Ubuntu distro. I know there has been some drama on this 
point in the past, but I still don't feel it has been completely addressed.

Just my $0.02

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