ipw3945 not connecting on bootup

Scott Abbey scott at wangfu.org
Sun Feb 25 17:47:19 UTC 2007

On Sunday 25 February 2007 09:16:41 Larry Hartman wrote:
> Trying to figure out who you are talking to here...me or the person who
> solved the issue...I'm so confused!

The original subject of this thread was helping Howard with his wireless 
problem (sorry Howard, I'm clueless on that one). What Luis did is commonly 
referred to as "hijacking" a thread. He replied to Howard's question with a 
question of his own and just changed the subject. If you look at the complete 
email headers, you will see one titled "In-Reply-To: ..." that references 
Howard's original message. This causes threaded email clients to place the 
message as a reply to Howard's thread and is, therefore, generally considered 
poor mailing list etiquette.

Luis: In the future, please compose a new message addressed to the list 
(instead of replying to a previous message) if you have a new, unrelated 
question. It's an honest mistake :)

Larry: You didn't do anything wrong. The above is just FYI.

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