Installing Kubuntu on an XP machine

Arthur Dyck arthur at
Sun Feb 25 17:07:00 UTC 2007

Thanks for your help, everyone.  It sounds like the safest route might be to 
partition first and install Kubuntu later.  I'll let you know how this newbie 


On Saturday 24 February 2007 22:41, D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> On Saturday 24 February 2007 10:16 pm, Arthur Dyck wrote:
> > program like GParted to create my disk partitions; others say that the
> > Kubuntu install disk will do that itself.  Which is correct?
> The Kubuntu install will let you use QTParted if you have some custom
> partitioning issue not handled by the defaults.  I think the click the
> button and go first choice is a default that will shrink Windows and
> install Kubuntu on one partition on whatever % of the disk you want.  But I
> haven't fooled with it in a bit, and maybe I partitioned by hand.
> I did install Kubuntu on an XP box without incident, but I can't remember
> exactly what I did, and I know a lot about disk partitioning, and exactly
> what I want to do, which makes things inconsequential to me which might be
> mind boggling to a newbie.

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