[Kubuntu] About Kde Integration

Nathan Eckenrode Nathan at EckenrodeHouse.net
Sun Feb 25 20:35:09 GMT 2007

Ouattara Oumar Aziz wrote:

>>> My feeling is there is more work on Gnome in Ubuntu that on KDE in
>>> Kunbuntu.
>> This very well may be true, which means that there is more room for
>> people who want to help. hint hint.
> That's exactly the reason why I started this discussion, to see if
> people are interested in "improving" Kubuntu. Please understand that I
> am not looking for a way to do things (like configuring KDE myself,
> which I can do and I am aware of how I could set it up to fit my needs )
> . My point is, let's start working on Kubuntu so that it won't be that
> "Ugly sister of Ubuntu".
> The problem is , I am not in the Developpers Team and even if I know how
> to set KDE up, i don't know how to package it. The only thing I can do
> is give ideas and opinions, fill bugs ...

There was just recently a call to help with the documentation effort,
documentation is hugely important for showing others how to configure their
own desktops amongst other things.

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