Installing Kubuntu on an XP machine

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>>On Saturday 24 February 2007 10:16 pm, Arthur Dyck wrote:
>> program like GParted to create my disk partitions; others say that the
>> Kubuntu install disk will do that itself.  Which is correct?

I currently run a dual boot system with WinXP and Kubuntu dapper. I used
partition magic to shift all of my windows operating system to two NTSF
partitions and just left the free space unpartitioned. Kubuntu discovered
the free space during installation and I selected for Kubuntu to install
to this free space. I had to select my partition sizes as part of the
installation. The system dual boots without a problem with the default
boot loader.

I'm relatively new to Kubuntu and normally use FreeBSD so please don't
flame me to bad.  :)

I was rather surprized at how easy Kubuntu installed and setup dual
booting without any extra configuration on my part. The only thing special
I did was use partition magic to shift all of my windows files and such to
make space.

I hope this helps some.


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