ipw3945 not connecting on bootup

Larry Hartman larryhartman50 at bellsouth.net
Sun Feb 25 18:15:55 GMT 2007

OK, I think I see why I am confused....Kmail is treating these threads as 
typical emails when they arrive in my inbox....I see a "from" and "subject" 
header, all these kubuntu emails are filtered to a seperate folder and not 
further organized.  I did not see the switch.  Perhaps someone can enlighten 
me on how to set up Kontact/Kmail to handle these as threads rather than as 
just plain emails.  That would be a useful lesson for me to learn as a newb.

After doing the thread hijacking thing a couple months ago (my blatant, but 
unintentional, act of lawless abandon) and upsetting half the known ubuntu 
community all over the world I take care and try not to do that anymore.


On Sunday 25 February 2007, Scott Abbey wrote:
> On Sunday 25 February 2007 09:16:41 Larry Hartman wrote:
> > Trying to figure out who you are talking to here...me or the person who
> > solved the issue...I'm so confused!
> The original subject of this thread was helping Howard with his wireless
> problem (sorry Howard, I'm clueless on that one). What Luis did is commonly
> referred to as "hijacking" a thread. He replied to Howard's question with a
> question of his own and just changed the subject. If you look at the
> complete email headers, you will see one titled "In-Reply-To: ..." that
> references Howard's original message. This causes threaded email clients to
> place the message as a reply to Howard's thread and is, therefore,
> generally considered poor mailing list etiquette.
> Luis: In the future, please compose a new message addressed to the list
> (instead of replying to a previous message) if you have a new, unrelated
> question. It's an honest mistake :)
> Larry: You didn't do anything wrong. The above is just FYI.
> Regards,
> Scott

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