Sound Crackling after installing Nvidia Drivers

D. Michael McIntyre michael.mcintyre at
Sun Feb 25 05:34:06 UTC 2007

On Saturday 24 February 2007 1:37 pm, Howard Coles Jr. wrote:
> Thanks for the tip, but no joy.  The only time it does that is when I load
> up a 3D intensive game, like "SuperTux" or "Chromium".  Sometimes it sounds
> like the battery is dying on an old Cassette player.

I've seen another with exactly this problem.  I'm too tired to bother at the 
moment, and I don't quite remember the details.  There should be a thread on 
the rosegarden-user or rosegarden-devel mailing list detailing the plight of 
Richard Cooper, I think it was.  He eventually solved his problem by building 
a hardware synth out of junk.  There's a Youtube video showing the thing in 
action.  It was amazing, but I don't think he ever got Linux audio and the 
NVIDIA drivers to play nice with each other.  He probably wound up using the 
free driver with broken 3D support.
D. Michael McIntyre 

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