System broke, Target sbin/init not found

Vayu vayu at
Sat Feb 24 20:00:21 UTC 2007

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Vayu wrote:
>> I shut down normally and upon the next boot my system was broken.  I get
>> a root command line that has lost it's access to my hard disk.  I get
>> the error message Target sbin/init not found.  I can't find sbin/init
>> using ls, nor much of anything else like boot/grub or my home directory...
>> If I boot from a live CD I can mount the linux partition /dev/sda4 and
>> see everything is there and looks intact.  It doesn't appear to be a
>> hard drive failure.  I can still boot into windows.  As a matter of fact
>> I installed the ext2 driver in windows and I can now access my data from
>> windows.  (From there I can see sbin/init as well.)
>> I'm using Dapper, I did not do any kind of upgrades, it just happened
>> out of the blue.
>> Any ideas on what is corrupt, and how I can get my system back without a
>> re-install?
> One would assume that you don't have a mounted root partition, which
> probably means it failed fsck.  So the best bet would be to boot from the
> live CD and run fsck on /dev/sda4.
> Before that, it's probably not a bad idea to check what the boot options
> look like in grub - but I think that must be right or you wouldn't even get
> to the point of looking for sbin/init.
fsck comes clean.

fdisk -l shows the partition fine.

For some reason I can't mount it from the live CD anymore, it says bad 
superblock, missing code page or other error.

I replaced the superblock with a backup, it found (and I let it fix) 
about 2 dozen errors but still no go.

I can see everything with the windows ext2 driver.

Windows also has no trouble with the fat32 partition or it's own NTFS 

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