New kernel and Nvidia confusion

Donn donn.ingle at
Fri Feb 23 03:57:23 UTC 2007

> > So - It looks like the same old issue again: I got prompted to do a
> > kernel update, I did so. I have not been prompted to do an nvidia update
> > (from those unsupported repos, but I always forget what repos do what.)
> Look, I dunno if this is going to help you or not, nor if it's this you're
> looking for. but I just installed this morning the nVidia drivers in a
> matter of, well... minutes.
> I did it trough envy.
Thanx ts :D -- I'll go have a look.

I guess I was asking 3 things:
1. How do I figure-out what kernel version my latest nvidia version requires?
2. Have I missed a repo that is offering the correct nvidia for the latest 
kernel release?
3. Is there any way to tell (before hand) that an upgrade will break 3D and 
for how long. (i.e. a newb alert "3D will not work when you install this 
kernel. Estimated time to new nvidia driver ...29 days .. Install kernel 

I know that the proprietary drivers are not supported and therefore are 
probably irrelevant to *buntu. I'm fairly sure I got/get the driver from 
Universe, so it's at least tangentially important to *buntu.

Which reminds me -- is there a way to find out (after the fact) what repo a 
given package (.deb or app) came from?


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