Moving /home

Derek Broughton news at
Thu Feb 22 14:10:13 UTC 2007

Larry Hartman wrote:

> Thanx.  I think I understand all of this.  Some questions to vereify my
> understanding...
> So then if hdb1 is already mounted then all I need to do is copy the
> current /home/USR directory to hdb1 and then change path name in kuser to
> reflect the new location?
It's legitimate, but I'd rather not do that.
> I don't like to keep user profiles on same device as the OS and
> application software....

No need, that's what mount points are for.  Say, your /dev/hdb1 is currently
mounted at /hdb1.  I'd copy _all_ of /home/* (ie all users directories)
to /hdb1/, then unmount /dev/hdb1 and remount it as /home.  Now all of your
user directories are on /dev/hdb1 and still have the default (and generally
expected directory names).  Of course, you should also clean up the
old /home on the old drive, because if for some reason (perhaps fsck
failure) the new drive didn't get mounted at boot time, your users would
suddenly see the old (likely _very_ old version, by then, of /home!).

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