Make apps invisble in the desktop pager

Derek Broughton news at
Tue Feb 20 13:32:29 UTC 2007

Donn wrote:

>>just as soon as I figure out where my meta key is.
> Derek,
> I did it in a dazed blur of KDE settings and cannot recall the exact
> steps. Try this:
> K -> System Settings -> Regional & Acc -> Keyboard Layout -> Xkb Options
> Enable
> Alt/Win key behaviour

The dialog is pretty horrible - but it seems to imply that all Alt & Win
keys should be "meta".  My Win key, though, is also configured as "3rd
level chooser" (there was a reason for that, but I can't remember if it was
a good one!).
> Then:
> RightClick on title bar -> Config Win Behav -> Actions -> Window Actions
> Mess around in there.

This dialog lets me choose between using Alt or Meta (which, according to
the previous dialog should be the same key), but neither one actually seems
to accomplish anything.  Of course, I have to repeat everything I try here,
in an NX window, back on the actual machine, because you never know what
might be being intercepted before it gets to the window manager.

> I think the meta key is left ALT by default. It could be the Win key too.
> I set mine to Win as I use left ALT in inkscape and Blender etc.

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