Monitoring ADSL speeds?

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Tue Feb 20 03:53:35 UTC 2007

Wulfy wrote:
> Lokeey wrote:
>> if you want to get fancy you can install super karmaba and get themes 
>> at <>
>> or install gkrellm and get these from 
>> <>
> I tried with Superkaramba, but they all seemed to put the widget on the 
> desktop (like wallpaper) rather than in the tray.
> I'll have a look at Gkrellm...  thanks.  :@)
If you are looking at the upload/download speed then try Knetdockapp in 
the Universe repository. It sit sin the system tray and can monitor EthX 
(ethernet), WlanX (wireless), localhost and no doubt any other network 
configuration you may have.

It measures in B/s which I assume is Bytes per Second. You need to 
multiply by 1024 to get bits per second unless my maths is as confused 
as the rest of my day has been so far ;-)

All the best

Neil B
Melbourne, Australia
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