PATH Variable

John Durant johndur at
Tue Feb 20 03:43:36 UTC 2007

I am installing Saxon 8.9 for XSLT 2.0 upgrade. Need to have saxon8.jar 
in the CLASSPATH to do transformations. For straight java i use eclipse. 
I can't find a saxon open source plugin for eclipse so will be using the 
command line.

Also, since I have your attention, there is also a with 
all the doc in html, can this doc be made available from KDE help or 
must it be accessed by a bookmark?


Matthew Flaschen wrote:
> John Durant wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Where is the best place to set the PATH and CLASSPATH variables in
>> Kubuntu Edgy?
> Probably ~/.bashrc.  ~ is your home directory, /home/username
> What do you want to set them to?
> Matthew Flaschen

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