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Tue Feb 20 00:38:53 UTC 2007

Lokeey <lokeey at> writes:

> Hey all, does anyone have a good howto on how to recompile the kernel
> in (k) ubuntu? I thought I saw a topic on this a while back, but I
> can't find anything on it.

Well, it looks like the "official" mechanism hasn't been offered yet in
this thread, so:

] sudo aptitude install kernel-package linux-source-2.6.17
] cd /usr/src
] tar xvfj linux-source-2.6.17.tar.bz2
] cp /boot/config-`uname -r` linux-source-2.6.17/.config
] cd linux-source-2.6.17
] make-kpkg --help

You mentioned elsewhere that your two goals were to investigate possible
performance differences with custom kernels and to gain more familiarity
with the kernel.

You may well wish to dig up the Ubuntu developers mailing list thread
where the debate about the -generic kernels, used in 6.10 onward, ran.  

That included benchmarking information from a range of kernels as well
as details on the analysis done and the testing tools used to verify
overall performance.

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