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Tue Feb 20 04:13:38 GMT 2007

On Monday 19 February 2007, D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
>On Monday 19 February 2007 4:36 pm, Chris wrote:
>> But theres no way to say, run the installer through Wine to install it
>> into linux?
>Pointless.  Try if you must, but don't get your hopes up.
>D. Michael McIntyre

Not always, and of course it depends on the language his GPS can deliver.  
Often a common protocol can be discovered.  I for instance am running 
Roadnav on my laptop, capturing data from a very elderly Garmin 12.  Its 
realtime only but it works fairly well, with the biggest errors actually 
being in the reference maps that roadnav downloads from some free site.  
It says my house is about 450 feet east of where it actually is on 
average.  I intend to see if I can get a cigarette lighter adaptor for 
the lappy, and maybe even a vehicle supply cable for the Garmin, or carry 
a few pounds of AA batteries for it, and use it on my next long trip.  
Break the boredom of a 2 day 1000 mile drive seems to be a worthwhile 

Cheers, Gene
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