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Mon Feb 19 17:11:08 UTC 2007

apt-get install kernel-source

Now google for a howto on compiling the kernel. Try specifically
searching too.

As far as performance benefits, unless you're running on a machine
with less than 16MB of RAM you won't notice a thing at all. You're
talking about shaving off perhaps a few hundred KB since you'd be
leaving out all the module (un)loading code. It's not really worth it
in any way (even educational, since things are leaning towards the way
they are now) to recompile from scratch.

Back In The Day (TM) you had to go to and grab the
latest version or it's patches. For the authentic experience, I
suggest doing that. Just make sure you backup your /boot/bzImage or
what have you for your current kernel version. Write down the new
name, but keep it in /boot to make life easy should you really foul
things up :P

Print out the documentation for grub and keep it handy. I also suggest
making a grub bootdisk if anything because it's *really* handy for all
kinds of reasons.

Best of luck.

On 2/19/07, Lokeey <lokeey at> wrote:
> Hey all, does anyone have a good howto on how to recompile the kernel in
> (k)ubuntu? I thought I saw a topic on this a while back, but I can't find
> anything on it.
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