How can I access my cdrom?

Lothar Braun lothar at
Mon Feb 19 16:12:11 UTC 2007

Hi Robert,

On Monday 19 February 2007 17:04:28 Robert Tilley wrote:
> My Kubuntu Edgy box is a Dell Dimension 2350 with a CD-ROM and CD-Writer.
> I made the mistake of deleting the 'cdrom0' icon from my desktop.  The CD
> drive cannot be access at all now.  After viewing the
> page "", I am still
> clueless.

you can either access the cdrom via konqueror. Type "media:/" into the 
konqueror address bar to get a list of available devices. You should find 
your cdrom drive there.

If you want back the item on your dektop, then right-click on your desktop and 
select "Create New->Link to Device->CD-Rom Device" from the popup menu.

A window will pop up which will ask you for the name of the deivce. The window 
has a tab named "Device". Select that tab and choose your cdrom-device from 
the drop-down list. Then click ok to get the device icon on your desktop.

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