Make apps invisble in the desktop pager

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Feb 19 15:26:41 UTC 2007

Donn wrote:

>> Well, I'll be...
> Heh. I love KDE :D
> Another, related, feature (which might not be news) is you can drag
> windows (we're not in the pager anymore) against the sides of the screen
> and the desktop in that direction will appear.
> You need to set "Active Desktop Border" in the "Config Windows Behaviour"
> form (right-click on titlebar).

I'm not at all sure why I'd want to configure Windows (TM) behaviour :-) 
Actually I haven't tried Active Desktop borders since about the dawn of KDE
2 (might even have been earlier), when I was a new convert from Windows and
couldn't handle the fact that i kept accidentally changing desktops.  Maybe
now's the time to check it out again.
> Naturally, you drag and resize windows using the meta key and the mouse,
> don't you ;)

I need a meta key for that?  [the short answer is no, I don't do that]

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