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On 2/15/07, Chris Miller <lordsauronthegreat at> wrote:
> Hello,
> In my never-ending quest to make 3D work with KDE (like I had with
> Fedora) I've come back to Kubuntu ('cause RPMs suck, and Gnome sucks
> worse).
> So, I've gotten a little bit closer to getting 3D to work.  I found
> that by installing desktop-effects that I could get kwin to die and
> then compiz would start using the gnome window decorator.  That was
> cool and all, but it broke Java (only eclipse worked b/c its SWT
> framework renders using local widgets, but MY apps didn't for some
> weird reason) so I killed it.  I believe that if I can get compiz-kde
> to take over and use kwin like it used gnome's window decorator that
> all the problems will go away.
> Does anyone know how to do what the "desktop effects" button did, only
> tweaking it for KDE?
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I just assume, that you want to have those nice 3D Desktops, wobbly windows
and what not. I did that by simply adding the Bery Repositories and then
install beryl (and beryl-manager and emerald, I think). I don't have my
KUbuntu System handy, so I can't exactly tell you the correct address to the
repo, but I think it was something like Have
a look at the Source-o-matic (google it) and you will find the address to
the repo. This is a way for Beryl, so not sure if it's what you want to
have. Also you have to have 3D support enabled, but I guess you know that


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