KDE 3.5.6 released w Kubuntu packages

Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 13:22:44 GMT 2007

 This is a tad slow but I've been busy, I had meant to ask you: After I went 
to a bit of trouble to repeat my positions and my argument and then my 
concluding suggestion -- all of which was pretty much demanded of me  -- why 
did you not address any of the points of contention that you had raised just 
a few posts earlier?
Did I do all that typing, to help clear up the thing, for nothing?

I don't want to flog this horse, but it seems unfinished.

> If Ubuntu was doing this, last summer stable would have linked to "dapper"
> & testing to "edgy", now stable links to "edgy" and testing to "feisty"
> (there would, of course, be really good reasons not to actually use the
> names "stable" and "testing").
Thanks - I didn't know that about the rolling repos for Debian. I agree that 
it would make things simpler and could also be automated. 

> > From those points, I would argue that many users will stay on the version
> > of Ubuntu they first install, especially if it happens to be a Long Term
> > Support version. Thus they will run into the software jail I spoke of and
> > thus I wanted to make the situation clear in the text, hence my version
> > of the introduction.
> Those who find updating tedious will do exactly what Windows users do -
> they'll order a new CD every so often, but they'll be able to get them more
> often than Windows users.
This was the lone nod to my previous email and I don't understand your point. 
it does not seem to address anything in my argument. Perhaps I do not 
understand your brevity.


PS section:
> > PS - I meant to ask: I read the Ubuntu pages on this but I am not sure,
> > will I be able to update Dapper LTS to XXX LTS, whatever XXX is in the
> > future? I.e. does LTS update directly to LTS without having to go through
> > all the animals in-between?
> I don't have a clue - I would hope so, because many people have been
> encouraged to stay with the LTS release.

Not aimed at you, but in context for other readers:

I found the page, it's at: http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases

It says:
'Enterprise releases
In addition to the regular six-monthly releases, the Ubuntu team may make an 
Enterprise Release (based on an existing time-based release), also known as 
a "Long Term Support (LTS)" release, that has received additional 
stabilization, polish and translation work. These Enterprise Releases will be 
supported for a longer period than the standard 18 month support of the time 
based releases. Upgrades will be supported from enterprise release to 
enterprise release. "

Which *sounds* like it will be LTS--->direct--->LTS, but it does not guarantee 

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