Yet another kmail mystery

D. Michael McIntyre michael.mcintyre at
Fri Feb 16 04:26:39 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 14 February 2007 4:08 am, Donn wrote:
> Sometimes the "gmail in" step will stop with the little progress bar (on
> the bottom right) showing 100%. It will stay like this for hours.

I have accounts on gobs of servers, and they've all gotten stuck at one time 
or another.  I rarely or never have problems with Gmail, and I had the worst 
problems of all with the account I have with my own ISP.

KMail needs some kind of timeout option for this, but I've been dealing with 
this problem for generations of KDE, to the point where clicking the little 
(X) buttons is just part of my daily routine.

I guess one hack might be to run a cron job every half hour or so to "pkill 
kio_pop3" and kill any running mail grab jobs.

A better thing would be to look at Bugzilla and see who has already reported 
this 12 years ago, and what KMail's team has had to say about it.

Like this one:

Or better still, I should figure out how to fix it and submit a patch.  But 
I'll be a sorry ass and just complain about it for the moment.
D. Michael McIntyre 

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