Yet another kmail mystery

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Thu Feb 15 17:15:34 UTC 2007

Donn wrote:
>>>> (Notifier) Something that shows up on the
>>>> taskbar would be best.
>> Korn?
> Good one -- I just tried it out and it's very nice.
> Only one problem ...
> It seems when an app "looks for mail" gmail takes this as the mail being 
> actually delivered and so when I go to kmail to do a "check in" no email is 
> forthcoming. :( 
> What a pickle.
> /d
There are a number of gmail notifiers in the Universe repository 
including this one for specifically for KDE:

KDE systray application to check GMail accounts
KCheckGMail is a KDE systray application which checks GMail accounts for
new mail. It includes KWallet support.

I've often wondered if gmail hangs like it does because it doesn't use 
standard ports (port 995 for pop and 587 for smtp as opposed to port 25 
and 110). Could Kmail be waiting for the port to open and/or close?

Neil B
Melbourne, Australia
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