Backup Solution

Felipe Figueiredo philsf at
Thu Feb 15 15:43:03 UTC 2007

On Thursday 15 February 2007 11:37:46 Derek Broughton wrote:

> Try being more polite.  You think I just made this up?

No. As I said, I thought you were mistaken. I didn't mean to be harsh, but I 
probably was. Sorry for that - it was late and I was tired.

In fact I asked to be proven wrong, and it seems you did. ;-)

> I can't now recall where I found the documentation, but see the config
> options: "Slicing", check "Pause between slices" and put a cdrecord command
> into "Command to run after writing slices".  Works great.  Annoyingly, my
> saved .kdar files don't seem to actually have this command in them, so I'm
> going to have to work out the options again.  I might even have used a k3b
> command line in there.  Obviously we're seeing a demonstration of just how
> poor my back practices are - it's over a month since I did it.

It actually makes sense, and I will investigate further. While it's not 
perfect, as you say, it might be enough for many people. Maybe it just needs 
a little attention from developers. I haven't even looked in KDE's BTS to see 
if already has a wishlist reported.

I think the hard part for most non-geek people might be the "put a cdrecord 
comand" part. 

But I stand by my point that it should be documented, and possibly be 
pre-enabled, even if as alternative. It is a FAQ after all, isn't it?

> I'd point out that it's irrelevant that it doesn't depend on any cd/dvd
> writing software, as using optical media would be purely optional, anyway.

I meant "depend" in a more abstract way. In apt's terms, it could 
be "suggested" or "recommended".


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