firefox and dapper after april on LTS

Bry Paula Melvin brymelvin at
Thu Feb 15 06:12:39 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 14 February 2007 20:38, Felipe Figueiredo wrote:
> On Thursday 15 February 2007 00:44:30 Bry Paula Melvin wrote:
> Excuse me the intrusion, but you should give
> > Once support is stopped (april) upstream security testers will begin to
> > ignore  it and thus even if ubuntu wanted to their maintenance might
> > be ineffective
> This is an assumption, not a fact. And I agree with Daniel it is
> exagerated.
OK  then find me a reference where it says whether firefox 1.0x is affected by 
the latest firefox vulnerability. that was a conclusion based on past events.

> LTS is LTS. PPC support for it will not be suspended overnight. PPC is only
> no longer supported for _future_ releases. 606 is already released, so it
> is supported. I don't see why you are so concerned with this.

> I think I see your point, but see through this way: there is a reason PPC
> will no longer be supported for next releases: very few people use it. Even
> apple is turning to x86 (if not completely already).
> Let's just not have another VHS x betamax discussion.

Segue of the year award here!

but where did you get the info Ubuntu is dropping ppc?
This wasn't a discussion of  the merits of little endian vs big endian anyway,

> > If need be I'll do it from source myself,as I have for another item
> > (hplip) but I'd prefer spending my time producing the paintings my
> > business sells prints of :-)
> It really can't be that hard. I'm guessing on the second time you compile
> you'l just find out exactly how to make .deb in an almost non-interactive
> way, so it will be pretty much straightforward to distribute packages to
> your machines (if more than one) and upgrade. Heck, if this happen you
> might even have your own repository ;)
> Thinking this way, you will probably be able to find such a non-official
> repository with fairly up-to-date .
Well the whole point of this was to possibly see if I needed to do that Or 
might be wasting my time 

I do have second thoughts about using lists and forums AKA "free" support. It 
often seems that a query leaves a wake of confusing disiinformation behind 
that won't help anyone,

I was looking for possible information not a debate or discussion.
Should have spent the time compiling it instead :-)


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