firefox and dapper after april on LTS

Earl Violet ejviolet at
Thu Feb 15 05:20:57 UTC 2007

--- Bry Melvin <brymelvin at> wrote:

> Debian has no ppc firefox2

I installed Debian Etch on a SPARC U60. When I went to the
repositories, all I found is Iceweasel. I don't think there is
Firefox in Debian any more.

A couple of months ago I installed Debian Etch on a U30 and got
Firefox. I got a few Firefox updates. Now all I find is Iceweasel and
Iceape. For the past several weeks, the only firefox listing is a
program to aid transition from Firefox to Iceweasel. This was in
updates listing. In new programs I found all of the Iceweasel stuff.

Debian says they'll support Iceweasel through Etch's life. I don't
have a reference. I think if Debian supports it, *buntu will too. 


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