Errors making eagle-usb module

Wulfy wulfmann at
Wed Feb 14 15:13:34 UTC 2007

Wulfy wrote:
> I found a HOW-TO on the forum. [0]  It seems to have worked, but I'll 
> only really know when my modem arrives and I plug it in.
> [0] <>
OK.  I got the modem.  I get this dmesg entry:

> [   47.650655] usbcore: registered new driver speedtch
> [   47.691027] speedtch 1-3:1.0: speedtch_find_firmware: no stage 1 
> firmware found!
The firmware is in /lib/firmware/ueagle-atm as the HOW-TO specified.

I did see that there were problems with newer kernels but didn't see any 

Linux localhost 2.6.17-11-generic #2 SMP Thu Feb 1 18:03:05 UTC 2007 
x86_64 GNU/Linux

Of course, there's no help from my ISP...  they only "support" Windows...



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